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  • "New Crown" Colossus Xtra Virgin Olive Oil

    Colossus Extra Virgin olive oil straight from our own olive groves on the island of Crete in Greece. Our olive oil has a bright golden colour, spicy green taste, suitable for all kinds of food preparations. HEALTHY because of the presence of rich anti-oxidants, fantastic taste, always from the latest crop with quality 01-0.8 acidity
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  • New Face of DIROS

    Pressing is followed by the most beautiful moment of the entire process. Fresh olive oil, a strong and majestic aroma, warm bread, lined up dishes, familiar faces getting together to taste the new crop
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  • Lyrakis is Love

    The best companion of every housewife, it can
    be used for salads, cooking, frying etc.
    -Enjoy it’s full taste and rich flavor and make it the most
    useful product in your kitchen.
    -Virgin Greek product with taste and flavor distinguished.
    -Make your food more tastefull with Lyrakis Oil.
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About us

  • Colossus, Cooking Oil Services is a 100% Australian privately owned company with extensive investment in the Food Industry.

    Our headquarters is now located strategically at 92 Barry Road Campbellfield,Victoria Australia, to allow better customer access & support. Colossus, continues to be the market maker with a number of leading Cooking Oil products through investment 100% Australian technology and Continuously developing for the finest Cooking Oil for Australian Consumers for a better and healthier life styles.

    Our mission continues to be achieving the number One position in the Cooking Oil and the food industry.This corporate mission is fundamental to our customer's strategy, which is:
  • To Completely Satisfy Our Customers with Quality Products and Services

    To Completely Satisfy Our Customers with Quality Products and Services Quality products and satisfying our Customers with low costs pure Cooking Oil for savings. We invite you to be part of Colossus, and enjoy our Quality Services with the latest technology at very Satisfying prices which you can pass onto your customers. Colossus, proudly serving Australian Consumers since 1972
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